We are a company that offers a holistic and multidisciplinary healthcare service in the medical field, orientated mainly for tourists who suffer from an acute illness during their stay in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands.

We have developed an application for your smartphone (IOS and Android) that allows a medical doctor to be identified, by geolocation, and also request a medical consultation in the comfort of your accommodation.


We seek to satisfy the need of tourists visiting Madeira and Porto Santo Islands, who may become ill during their time visiting the Islands.  In this context of morbidity, vulnerability, uncertainty and the lack of response, may alter their holiday plan. It is of the utmost importance to have a self-contained, effective solution where the tourist who is ill can be helped, thereby minimizing the effect of the disease’s impact whilst travelling.

Our clients benefit from this innovative technological solution, allowing direct contact with the medical doctor, as an alternative to the traditional procedure, usually through intermediaries. With iDocPassport, the tourist can select the desired professional for a consultation at their accommodation, thus avoiding traveling to the healthcare facilities, reducing waiting time and thus benefit from the response to their clinical situation in the comfort of their accommodation. This improvement in accessibility to medical professionals enhances the hospitality concept of our region and our hospitality industry (Hotel, Rural Tourism and GuestHouse). This option allows better guidance and faster referral, if necessary, to differentiated healthcare services for complementary diagnostic tests.

Through this application for iDocPassport the tourist who is unwell finds a medical doctor who will consult him/her in the Hotel Unit itself. The tourist benefits from the feeling of security, protection and support at any time during their trip.


We provide our healthcare services throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in the Islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, in the Hotel Units, as well as in the establishments of guesthouses, or in the privacy of your own home. Our Medical doctors are available 24 hours a day all year round.


The digital platform, iDocPassport, is available from the AppStore and Google Play stores where the application can be downloaded for free to your smartphone.

Once iDocPassport has been downloaded, the tourist-patient initiates the application and identifies the professional most appropriate for their clinical situation. You will be prompted to identify your location for the consultation. Once the intended medical doctor has confirmed, payment is secured through the PayPal payment system or Credit Card payment system. Thereafter, the distance and the time in which the medical doctor should arrive at the identified location is shown. At the end of the consultation, the tourist will be prompted to respond to an inquiry about the degree of satisfaction for the medical service, diagnosis and care they received.