The use of the iDocPassport application is totally free and unnecessary to register or subscribe. The user will have access to the contents of the application, the “Terms and Conditions of Use”, the “Privacy Policy” and the medical doctors online.

When sending a request for medical assistance the following information will be requested: name, age, languages spoken, email, telephone contact number, payment method, tax identification number and your insurance policy number.


The query can be checked in the following locations:

– Hotel – We have a list of hotels already referenced on iDocPassport;

– “My Location”, where the Local Accommodation is identified;

– At a specified address;

The doctors identified on the digital platform as “online” are available to respond to the services requested.


Only doctors who are “online” can be contacted, and it may not be possible to identify doctors on an “offline” basis.

Once a request for assistance has been submitted, there is a predefined  maximum time of 5 minutes for the medical doctor to analyze and respond to the requested service, and the medical doctor may accept or refuse the requested service.


Should the request for a consultation be denied, you should submit a new request for a medical assistance. 

The payment of the value of the service remains captive until confirmation of the consultation. The value of the consultation is only debited after acceptance by the medical doctor. At this time, an invoice will be sent to the email address supplied.

IDocPassport uses only online, digital and secure payment methods: PayPal and Credit Card. This service does not accept payment of cash in cash or check.

The time of arrival depends on the distance between the doctor and the place of the consultation. For added comfort, the app calculates the time through the Google Maps App and shows you the route the doctor will take to reach the combined location.

The doctor on arrival confirms in the application his arrival by issuing an arrival notification to the Tourist App. At this moment, you can either wait for the receptionist to confirm the presence of the doctor or you can wait for the doctor’s arrival in the indicated room.

In case of delay, you must wait for the doctor’s telephone contact or you can cancel the request for assistance with a refund.

It is of the utmost importance to correctly specify your location (the name of the accommodation unit, the address and the room number) when requesting the service. The doctor if you find it difficult to find the accommodation will contact you to the telephone number indicated in the request for consultation.

It is not possible to cancel a service after it has been confirmed by the doctor.

The application was designed for a request for medical care at the address. The main concern is to make a team of doctors available at home. Even after accepting the medical consultation and, if you are feeling slightly better, we always advise the consultation of a medical professional qualified to practice medicine and seek to establish the diagnosis (s), prevention and treatment of the disease.

Our mission is to provide a medical consultation in the accommodation unit as soon as possible and without needing to travel to the Hospital and / or Health Center. In these consultations are also sorted clinical situations that require more specialized medical evaluation.

In the need to perform complementary diagnostic tests, such as Rx, MRI, CT, blood tests, among others, the physician is responsible for referring the sick-tourist to a health facility. IDocPassport is in agreement with private health units that follow its clinical state and its evolution. It is also responsible for providing due care to the patient, providing a clinical report of the present episode, and contacting the Health Unit to communicate the transfer.

IDocPassport only acts in the medical consultation, not having responsibilities in the delivery of the medicine to the home. However, there are protocols with the pharmacies that provide the medication delivery service to the home. Thus, the doctor delivers the medical prescription to the tourist, and the latter can contact, via App iDocPassport, the pharmacy.

  • Response of medical services to requests for acute illness;
  • Prehospital medical screening according to the “state of the art” required;
  • Innovative and unique proposal to the tourist-sick, avoiding the displacement to the health units (the majority of situations of disease);
  • Free choice of providers;
  • Proximity health care by geolocation;
  • Physician travel to the tourist accommodation, reinforcing the hospitality;
  • Doctor available 24 hours.

IDocPassport is a company with registration in the Health Regulatory Entity (ERS), which operates in accordance with new ERS guiding competencies, namely Registration and Licensing as operator.

We respect the Portuguese Legislation, Ordinance No. 937/2008, published in the Diário de República, 1st Series – No. 160, of August 20, 2008, respects article 17 – Information.

Tourism and rural tourism enterprises must provide written information in Portuguese and in at least one other official language of the European Union on:

f) Location of the nearest medical services and pharmacies;

  • Works by geolocation;
  • Identify the doctor online 5 seconds after being available in the application;
  • Medical Multilingual;
  • Patient has the decision about which doctor wants to request;
  • Process of acceptance of the consultation up to a maximum of 5 minutes;
  • Payment via paypal or credit card avoiding the need to have money in a moment of weakness;
  • Identification of the doctor’s waiting time and the route of the professional;
  • Attendance at the hotel unit where you are staying avoiding the trips to the health centers or hospital;
  • Privacy in service.